2020 protests against police brutality

I’ve attended many protests in my life but only a few have turned to chaos. In Fort Lauderdale, a protest was held in Bubier Park at the corner of Andrews and Las Olas, a very prominent street in Fort Lauderdale’s downtown area with high end shops and at the base of a new high rise condominium building. Bubier Park has an entertainment complex with amphitheater and large field for events. It is directly across from the NSU Art Museum.

Previously, the protest was planned for the Lauderhill area of Fort Lauderdale but apparently permits were denied and this was the next option.

Channel 10 gives live report from Protest
Channel 10 gives live report from Protest

The crowd was passionate but high minded about why they were there. Everyone was cordial, all donning face masks for pandemic while being aware not to shake hands or even fist bump. The signs were everywhere.

Crowd Gathers in Bubier Park in Fort Lauderdale to protest police brutality and murder of George Floyd