The 2021 Fort Lauderdale Air Show – Blue Angels, Kirby Chambliss, Michael Wiskus and more

There’s nothing like a pandemic shutdown to help you appreciate outdoor activities. In 2020, the inability to go out in public settings changed how we used to do things. In 2019, I went out for two days and took over a thousand photos of these great flying machines and burned my legs on the sandy beach so bad, I couldn’t walk for nearly two weeks without pain. Yet, I got the shots I wanted on my first air show round. In 2021, it was a chance to see if I could do it again, this time without the sunburn.

The highlight of the show are the amazing Navy Blue Angels, but long before they come out, you have the display of vintage aircraft, rescue aircraft and the fantastic stunt pilots like Kirby Chambliss and Michael Wiskus. The Blue Angels are masters of formations but so are the Geico Skywriters. In all, there are over 3 hours each day of incredible flying, amazing power, and good old fashion fun.