Why do we do photography?

There are so many photographers in the world now, at all skill levels. They snap photos of all sorts, day in, day out. Some treat the ability as an art, others simply want a reminder of a moment. Whatever the reason, we have plenty of dedication to writing light to our lives. But as a photographer, what motivates us?

There are internal and external modes with photography. I may want to see details of small things doing macro that I can’t normally appreciate from a distance, from being larger than the tiniest things. I may want to get up close to a bird, a distant location, or a star with a telephoto lens. I may want to see the moment a person feels beautiful in the lens as the sun fades behind them for the day. This desire to enjoy the visual palette of the world is one good reason to enjoy photography.

Another reason is more external; the pleasure of meeting others, enjoying their senses and experiences is a fantastic way to spend life. Watching people marvel at a portion of the world we may all enjoy, taking people to see places we’re fortunate to visit, or being able to show them a moment that we were able to catch a glimpse for a